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The primary purpose of this website is to document the lives of those of our relatives who were killed in the Holocaust and to enable the descendants of survivors to find out who some of their ancestors were.



Ruth's Family History | On This Day is a new part of this website where I share stories about my parents' ancestors and their descendants, with a focus on Holocaust victims and survivors.

Recent stories:

Max Devries Garde Ulan
Birth: February 3, 1890 31 29 Weeze, Kleve
Death: June 3, 1958Weeze, Kleve
Edith's father
Julie Devries, nee Hartoch
Birth: August 29, 1895 59 41 Aachen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Death: July 22, 1980Weeze, Kleve
Edith's mother
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